Zhangjiagang Lefei RC Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018

and is committed to the development of software and hardware of model control

systems. It took more than four years to establish a relatively rich and

complete model controller product category, and completed many product updates

and iterations. Maintain the strong competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of

the products in the user market, and also complete the projects or product

requirements proposed by various customers.

The company's main products include SPARROW series, SN series, AAT

series, customized series, etc. SPARROW flight controller has been updated to

the third generation. Through the understanding and feedback of the market, the

operation is continuously simplified and the difficulty of use is reduced,

which is convenient for users to realize from basic entry to advanced FPV. There

are three sub-products in the SN flight controller, namely LITE and PLUS. , FAST,

which are different in appearance, usage, and functions, realize pixel OSD

display, waypoint planning, flight formation and other functions, and are one

of the mainstream flight controllers in the current FPV market;AAT series,

using analog video transmission technology to realize long-distance

transmission of flight data to the ground, is currently updating the second

generation of products to achieve higher anti-interference and accuracy; Customized

product series, mainly including KOPILOT, sold in foreign markets , has a high

reputation in the foreign flight controller market.

The company has a professional technical development team, and at

the same time, through continuous accumulation of technology, it continuously

optimizes product design and use, and improves product competitiveness. After

four years of continuous innovation, optimization and improvement, it has met

the needs of most users and has become a leader in the domestic market. Because

the company has completely independent technology, the products are highly

competitive and cost-effective in the market. Even in the face of continuous

fluctuations in the chip market in the past two years, the company has

continued to develop steadily and continuously update its products.






cost advantage

According to different product requirements and scenarios, accurate product positioning and selection development, greatly reduce the cost to achieve the maximum cost performance

advantage of service

 For any questions about the product, whether the product agent or independent users can directly contact us, can provide agent official two-level one-to-one after-sales service

innovation team


 Professional technical development team, with strong learning and innovation ability, timely accept market feedback, constantly upgrade and improve product functions and services


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